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Play 3D Chess Game - Have fun with the most advanced free online 3D chess game.
Improve your 3D Chess Game skills with various opponents or learn free 3D Chess Game Online.

Stunning 3D Graphics – Free 3D Chess Game

Play 3D chess online, use our detailed tutorials to learn about the most successful and proven 3D chess online game strategies. As you know chess is a complex game so 3D makes it simpler to learn the tactics and rules. In the online 3D chess game format it is easier to learn movements of pieces like rooks or queen and makes you master in chess openings in significant 3D chess game. Players can also chat with each other during the game and make comments on the moves which are made by the opponents.

Promos – Play 3D Chess Online FREE

Most of the 3D chess games which are available online are charging an upfront payment and that doesn't allow you to see the 3D chess game quality and then they try to entice users with special promos. However our 3D chess game is completly free and provides a seamless online playing experience for players. We run special promo offers 3 times a week which allows people to get 2x free coins, 2x free cash or even starter pack is available. Online free 3D chess game bargains very attractive promos to fill-ups your coins and gems or both. Player can double the chips and gems by buying promos to play 3D chess game.

Receive and Send Gifts – 3D chess Game

In 3D Chess Game, you can also request Gifts for your friends which play with you in the 3D chess game and you send the gifts as well. That makes chess rivals a thoroughly enjoyable 3D chess game experience. Players have several considerations when they are looking to play 3D chess game online but we are one of the best 3D chess games online, Period!. You can choose all friends or friends who already played in this game and chosen friends will receive gift request after you press “Request” button in the 3D chess game. One can also send chips as a gift to chosen friends and can share coins and gems.

Play Mini Games – Free 3D Chess Online

Mini games have also offered in the free chess 3D game online in popups. Player can also catch the entertainment with them as well. Three mini games popups are offered in this online 3D chess game i.e. Scratch and Win, Spin and Win, Wheel of fortune. These mini games enhance your 3D chess experience by offering your free coins and cash prizes.