About Us

Monster Brain Studios is a top mobile developer specializing in social smart games. We have been a leading player on the game market for last three years. Out team includes 25 enthusiasts, really passionate about what we are doing. All of our team-members are experienced professionals, truly engaged in game development. Here at Monster Brain Studios we use cutting-edge technologies and latest design practices to deliver the best games for you.

We work hard and play hard, every day learning new things we discover new ideas and ways to make our games better. The best professionals on the market work for us. We highly value team spirit and mutual support, so we promote these principles in our games.

Our objective is to bring to you most user-friendly, addictive games, so you can have plenty of fun, socialize with friends and make new ones, while training your brain. In our new Chess Rivals game and more great games coming soon we have outlined all the best practices existing in the game world. So start playing and become part of our engaging community!

Monster Brain Studios