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- Gorgeous graphics and animations
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Play Chess Against Computer, Multiple Computer Chess Players!
Chess Computers are smart but if you are looking to Play Against Computer Free then Chess Rivals is your #1 Chess Game.

Computer Chess Games - Play Free Chess Against Computer

Computer chess games are quite complex to develop and that is why when you are looking to play chess against computer free then there are not many options available. Chess computers have become quite smart over the years as the senior programmers and grandmasters have worked together for such long periods of time perfecting by playing the free chess games against computer and then optimizing their performance time and again. If you are looking to play chess against computer free then look no further than chess rivals. Our online computer chess game engine is very smart, it can anticipate your moves and make smart chess moves. Playing free chess against computer has never been more fun and challenging.

Play Chess Computer - 100% Free Chess Games Against Computer

There is so much variety of chess computer games that the players tend to get lost in the sea of chess apps and computer chess games which are available online. However since the computer chess games are more difficult to program and develop the good ones out there which allow you to play free chess against computer are quite few. Most of them charge anywhere between 12$ to 99$ per year and that is unfair because playing chess against computer should be free and online chess computer games are less fun than multiplayer where you can compete with similar chess players worldwide. However this paid chess computers games have failed badly because players are not ready to pay for an unpolished game.

Chess Computer Games - Play Free Online Chess Against Computer

Free Chess computer games are made by the programmers and companies like us who are not looking to make money at all but rather they believe in the fact that when you play chess against computer online it should be free. Whether you are looking to play chess with computer or looking to have a break from your tough workday and simply having a free computer chess game. The whole experience should be exciting and thrilling and that is why we made a betting system. Forget about all those free computer chess games for a minute and think about how much fun it would be when you can play in a casino style chess game which is loved by 20 million players.

Chess Against Computer Free - Best Free Computer Chess Online

Chess rivals is one of a kind multiplayer chess game where you can not only play chess against computer but also play against other players. Online computer chess game which provides stunning graphics, makes you hooked from the first hour. Believe it or not when you play computer chess online it cannot be so much fun because real players are better than playing chess against computer, especially when you can challenge these players to play against each other. There is no betting if you play chess against computer but when you have 500,000 coins on the line every game counts, every move is done like you are playing against computer online. You tend to think before moving.

Quite simply put chess computers are fun but not as much fun as playing chess against real player. That's why when it comes to computer chess games we are the best in the business!