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Start playing Chess for beginners with us and develop your chess skills up to the master level. Make you first steps into exciting chess world with Chess Rivals. Explore Chess Rivals FREE virtual lessons, tutorials and puzzles. Beginners Chess awaiting for YOU!

Learn Chess Rules for Beginners for FREE and Start Playing Chess

New to chess and no clue how to make your way through the chess board? Now worries. Here at Chess Rivals we know plenty of ways how to make you playing. First of all chess, for beginners starts with learning chess rules. Simply go to our how to play chess for beginners section and select chess rules. Go thoroughly through all of the paragraphs and if you have any questions, you can always ask our chess games for beginners coach. There are also various openings and tactics which we recommend you as necessary part of how to play chess for beginners learning process. Don't be scared of comprehensive approach we offer, it is absolute fun and no any pressure. Play chess for beginners now, get entertained and train you brain.

Free Chess for Beginners – Improve your Chess Skills

So after you have managed to go through all the Chess for Beginners chess rules, it is time to move further. Chess Rivals team offers you to try out our various chess tutorials and puzzles. In beginner chess tutorials you play versus intelligent computer, which train your skills in understanding chess strategies, core moves, predict the opponent's future move. We don't promise you will become a chess master after completing all of the tutorials and puzzles, but you certainly will level up your chess skills and become ready for real chess games for beginners with other players.

Level up your chess skills playing chess for beginners and play with friends

So now you are equipped with all the lessons you have learned from our chess games for beginners' academy and are striving to compete with other players. The best thing about Chess Rivals it is extremely social and you can play chess for beginners with your friends from social networks and also meet other beginner chess players from all over the world. At the moment there are more than 20 million players engaged in Chess Rivals community and playing chess games daily. So download Chess Rivals now and start playing chess for beginners online absolutely for FREE!

Participate in Entry-Level Tournaments and Play Chess for Beginners Now for FREE

So you already have learned chess for beginners rules and played various chess for beginners games with your friends and other players. Feeling up for something more, excellent! Chess Rivals challenge you to take part in our weekly tournaments and leagues, where you can win double or even triple pool prizes, improve your chess skills significantly and appear on our leader-boards. Simply enter the game fee, and start playing chess for beginners' tournament with other players of your level. It is really fun, since the games are quick, so they make your brain spin up quite a bit. But then you learn how to react fast and having an ultimate opportunity to play with seven other people in less than an hour. Here you really see what the deal with other beginner chess players is. So don’t hesitate start playing beginner chess now!