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Howdy friends! And welcome our first ever the most bubbly and funny Chess for Kids Game! It's called Chess Rivals Free chess game for kids and also includes games for all of the ages. Grow together with Chess Rivals, learn Kids Chess Game!

Start Learning Chess Game for Kids at any age for FREE

Chess Rivals offers you unique opportunity to learn how to play chess kids in interactive fun engaging environment. Do you love Alice in Wonderland cartoon or maybe Game of Thrones series? We love cartoons and films, so we have decided to bring your favorite characters into our Chess Rivals World. So when you start learning chess rules for kids all your favorite characters form the story will guide you through the chess lessons. Just imagine all the battles which are waiting for you after you tackle how to play chess for kids rules?! Don’t be even little be scared, there is nothing of, it is fun journey to learn chess for kids with Chess Rivals!

Play Chess Game with your Friends, Parents and Other Kids

After tackling all of the Chess Rules you can create your own magic chess for kids world by playing with your friends from social networks and challenging other players. There are more than 20 million or chess fans strongly engaged in our chess for kids world. So you can participate in real tournaments, like in Harry Porter or Game of Thrones and others. You actually decide which one you prefer. Play chess for kids online anywhere at any time. At school or on the way back home, in the garden, or in your room. Try out our leagues and win your champion title. Explore FREE games for kids chess world and become kids chess expert. Beat your palls in kids chess!

Become Kids Games Champion playing Kids’ Chess Tournaments

So here at Chess Rivals we have wide selection exciting chess for kids online tournaments, in which you can challenge your friends or complete strangers. In each tournament you will compete with 7 other kids for the kids online tournament champion crown. If you win you will get all the Chess treasures and will be listed in our glory of fame leaderboard. The game is very fast so in order to play in the online chess for kids tournament you have to be confident in you time and kids chess skills. After playing in free chess tournaments you will advance you chess skills and can move up to the next levels!

Play 3D Chess for Kids on your Android with your Friends

Ever though that Chess for kids game is not just black and white, and can be totally alive and interactive? Here is the secret for you, it is! So to let you know in kids chess from chess rivals you can select your own game modes with different layouts and different characters of the chess pieces. Thus you pawns will turn in small dragons or funny bunnies or whatever you choose. You can select in which location the game will be played and enjoy real chess for kids experience in the castle or in the Wild West or in the lonely island or on the battle field. Simply download the game now for FREE and start invading the world!