Chess Rivals Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Chess Rivals?

Chess Rivals is the next generation online card game which you can download absolutely for FREE both on your Android and iOS. While keeping best traditional Solitaire Practices, our game brings in the latest technologies, cutting edge graphics and ultimate design. Chess Rivals can be played on any Android and iOS devices and is absolutely FREE to download. Chess Rivals is a Social game, where you can play with players all over the world and also invite your friends from social networks.

Is it possible to play Chess Rivals without Facebook or Google+ accounts?

Absolutely yes, in case you are not using social networks simply register with Chess Rivals using Monster Brain ID. This option is offered after you have downloaded the game.

Can I play Chess Rivals Offline?

Yes, Chess Rivals offers the option of playing in Offline mode. Notice, that in this mode you can play only versus computer and not with the opponents. This game mode is designed for you to practice your chess skills, and your games will not be scored for the XP, chips and game gems.

What will happen if I exceed the time limit allowed for the move?

In this case the game will automatically stop with the opponent being a winner.

How do I make the moves during the game?

You simply tap the piece you want to move and drag it the needed square. The game will highlight all the possible moves for you, so you can respond quickly.

How does timing work within the game?

At the start of the game you select what will be the pace. Accordingly during the game you will see the timer indicating how much time left for your move, there also will be to total timer of the whole game, showing how long have you been playing. You also will be given bonuses, which will appear in pop-up windows for the quick moves.

Can I claim a draw in the game?

In every game there is option to offer a draw to your opponent. Respectively there is a "draw" button next to the chess board. The opponent can either accept or decline you offer. Only in case when the following chess rules are met, the game will be stopped without your opponent having option to decline.

The draw:

- The game turns into the dead end, when there are no legal moves even though the king is not in the check-mate
- On the mutual agreement between both players
- It is not possible to come to the check-mate because of too few pieces left
- There were 50 coherent moves in the game, but no pawns were moved

How can I improve my chess skills?

In order to get better in chess, we recommend you to start with learning basics, going through our tutorials, learning tactics and openings, solving puzzles. And then as more you play with other players as better you become.

Does Chess Rivals have any community rules? What if I get offended by one of the players, whom I should contact?

Chess Rivals is a friendly community. We don't have any special set of rules to follow, though we believe in mutual respect and honesty while playing and communication. If you experience any cheating, offence in any form, spamming, etc. please contact our community officer at

Technical Questions

I am experiencing problems downloading Chess Rivals from Google Play. Please help to resolve the problem.

We recommend you to check if there is enough space on your mobile device.

1. Open Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
2. Restart your device and after download Chess Rivals again.

If this action didn't help to resolve the problem, try out following steps on your device:

- Clean device cache by going to Settings > Storage > choose Cached Data.
- Move all data and apps to external SD card.
- Remove data and apps you don't need anymore.

We cannot say how much free space you will need to spare, but Google recommends to have at least 1 GB for installing or updating apps.

If you still experiencing problems, please contact our support team at

Cannot log in using my Facebook Account, please advise.

In this case first try to fix your Facebook Account in the game menu.

Go to the menu settings and select Settings > Accounts > Facebook > pick your account and in the menu choose remove your account. After this reboot your device and add your Facebook Account back.

If after these steps you still experience problems logging with your Facebook account, contact our support team at Please provide all the required information on your device and its software version for quicker resolution.

Cannot login to Chess Rivals with my Google+ account, could you please advise.

Here we recommend you to follow the same procedure as when you cannot log in with your Facebook account.

In the game menu settings select Settings > Accounts > Google > choose your account in the menu and delete it, then restart your device and add Google account back.

If the above steps didn't help to solve the issue, please contact our support team at, providing all the necessary information on your device including its software version.

iOS recently has released new software update, will be Chess Rivals compatible with it after I install it on my device?

Chess Rivals is fully compatible with all iOS and Android software updates, so you can freely install on your device and continue playing.

In case I have found a bug in the game, what should I do?

In this case please report you issue directly to our support team at

Simultaneously try to reinstall the game on your device and log in again.

I have stopped using my current Facebook account connected with Chess Rivals. Is it still possible to keep my Chess Rivals current profile and its progress?

Yes we provide you with this option. In order to do this, you can create Monster ID and your Chess Rivals account will linked to it from then, while keeping all the game progress.

How can I close / delete my Chess Rivals Account?

Please notice, if you permanently delete your account, all your gaming history, scores, XP and game chips and gems will be constantly removed.

If you just need a break you can simply deactivate your account, and restore it anytime. You can do it by going to Menu > Settings > Account > Disable My Account.

If you are sure you want your account permanently deleted, you can do it in Menu > Settings > Account > Delete My Account.

I forgot my password to log in to Chess Rivals, can you help me?

In the log in area tap "Forgot my password" button, enter your email and we will send you new password you can change later.

Can I change my user name while keeping the same Chess Rivals account? How to do this?

Yes you can change your user names unlimited number of times. To do this go to the Menu > Settings > User Profile > Change User Name