While creating Chess Rivals, we have thought of every little detail so you can get the best possible gaming experience ever. Let's see what is there.

Start of the Game

  • Register using Facebook or Google + Account
  • Play as a guest

Learn how to play

  • Learn basic chess rules and start playing
  • Improve your chess skills with our lessons
  • Try our chess puzzles, learn tactics and openings

Bonuses and Goodies

  • Receive 1000 freechips, 100 gems and 10 magic at the start
  • Get 50 free chips every hour of the game
  • Exchange gifts with your friends
  • Participate in promo games and earn extra chips
  • Fantastic Starter Pack Offerings with 80% discount on all

Weekly League Competition

In Chess Rivals you can enjoy playing in four different leagues and participating in League competition. In every league you compete with other players on tournament basis and can win fantastic pool prizes. There are also league leader boards, highlighting top three players in the league.


  • My League – here you can create your own league and invite your friends to play with you
  • Friends' League – here you can join league, created by a friend
  • Country League – play with other players on your country level
  • World league – play with people from all over the world

Every league includes 10 levels of difficulty. For each level there are different requirements set, like size of the bets and required XP level. You can play only with players matching your level. Leagues are excellent way to make new friends and practice your skills.

Game Modes

Chess Rivals you can select to play from 5 exciting game modes.

Play 1 on 1

This is classic Chess game, where you simply are matched with the other player of your XP level. First you choose how much you want to bet, and then your bet is placed on the queue. As long as someone with close bet is found we match you. You also can join already published bet, or invite a friend through direct message.

For every game you can select your own pace and design of the chess board and theme.

Live Tournaments

In Chess Rivals you can take part in really challenging fun tournaments, where 8 players compete for the pool prize. The tournaments vary by the entry fees and prizes, by the game speed and difficulty levels. We announce different types of tournaments on the game board, so you can join the open ones. The rules of the game within tournaments are the same as for classic 1 on 1 game.

Play With Friends

Chess Rivals is a very social game, here you can invite your friends from social media and play chess together. You can play in "1 on 1" game mode or participate in tournaments together. You can exchange messages and gifts while playing. Friends lists are manageable, you can add and remove friends from you friend list.

Play Mini Games

In Chess Rivals you can enjoy playing mini games for FREE. There are three mini games to choose from including Scratch and Win, Spin and Win and Wheel of Fortune.

Play Offline

No worries if there is no Internet for some reasons, but you still want to enjoy a chess game. With Chess Rivals you easily can do this. Our game is available offline, where you can practice your chess skills competing with intelligent computer.