Player Reviews

Monika Sepeda

Got impressed with Chess Rivals graphics and well-though game modes. Profound tutorials and puzzles were of great help, so I could significantly improve my chess skils.

Richard Nashville

Really quick and doesn't take much space on my phone. Love the design and overall user experience.

Sonya Pico

Chess Rivals is a really great version of classic chess. They have such a vast community of players and great selection of tutorials. I have been playing for about a year and so far have only positive experience. Chess Rivals is highly addictive yet smart way to pass the time.

Lu Tang Mao

I do like Chess Rivals App very much. Haven't noticed any bugs, except of minor glitches sometimes in the tutorials. When the play mode suddenly stops or skips the moves.

Martin Demek

Playing Chess Rivals on iPhone and Ipad, really smooth, easy, nicely designed game. Highly recommend.

Ali-Reza Yasif

Used to love the app, but recently started to experience problems with timing. Have lost several rounds due to it and my rating has fallen significantly.

Jennifer Pattison

I am a long-time player of chess and always keep an eye on the app scene. Used to be a regular on a major chess site, but when discovered Chess Rivals, switched completely after few days. The app is beautiful and simple, no bags, no cheating, many fun tutorials, great bonuses. Highly recommend.

Bernardo Heyne

I would sya thanks to Chess Rivals team for their great fast customer support. Chess Rivals community is really friendly, and have never experienced any problems or cheating. But once it happen, so I had to contact Chess Rivals support. I got immediate feedback and problem resolution.

Cecila Brandy

At the start Chess Rivals seemed overwhelming to me. There were so many different game modes, leagues and took me a bit to get in. After, everything is perfect. Love the game and design.

Alex Gillan

The social emphasis of the game it was exactly what I was looking for. I have met people from all over the world, improved my chess level and have found perfect way to kill time with Chess Rivals.

Pete Huffer

Chess Rivals is an awesome app with cool features and friendly community of players. The tutorials and study materials are enormous help. Finally I am becoming chess literate and my rating is slowly getting higher.

Lauri Maciel

I love Chess Rivals, especially nice is that this app doesn't have any pop-ap ads, so I can be sure the internet traffic is saved and can simply enjoy the game without being distracted.

Brunt Huffer

Chess Rivals is an absolutely FREE, which I still can't believe. I have been playing it for several months and the game is fantastic. No bugs, friendly community, smart logic, very fast, great tutorials.

Jorge Suervo

Chess Rivals is perfect for me, since don't have much time, so I usually play "1on 1" games in slow pace, taking up till few days for the moves.