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Chess Rivals - 100% Free Multiplayer Chess Game
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Online Multiplayer Chess Games - Multiplayer Chess Free

The chess game has been played by ancient generations, it is said that the game is over 1000 years old and it is amazing how the game has evolved into online multiplayer chess games. Before it used to be two players still playing in multiplayer mode but it was offline. There was no online multiplayer chess server. All you needed was a chess board and another player and test your wits against each other. However as the internet evolved and internet became everyday norm, the chess game also became online multiplayer and what's even better is the fact that online multiplayer chess games are completly free. The historic game of chess will surely make you sit on the edge of your chair. Your goal is to move your pieces to capture the king of your opponent in exciting online multiplayer chess games.

Free Multiplayer Chess Game Online

Online Free Multiplayer chess games allow players from around the globe to play against each other online in multiplayer 1on1 bets where you can play in different cities and challenge players from different countries in #1 Online Mulitplayer Chess Game - Chess rivals! This is a great way to play multiplayer chess game against your friends online or around the world which uses our online multiplayer chess servers.

Multiplayer Chess Games Online FREE

Multiplayer chess games online are part of the monster brain studios, the leading online multiplayer chess game platform which allows millions of players to play multiplayer chess games online simultaneously and that is an integral part of our multiplayer gaming network. Whether you are a brave commander who aims to wipe out all enemy forces, or a wise tactician who defeats your opponent through chess tactics and intrigue.

Gaming wonderland - Multiplayer Chess Online

Just to put things into perspective as to how addictive our multiplayer chess games are. Over the last few years our players have played almost 900 Million Multiplayer Chess Games, They have captured almost 3.2 Billion Chess pieces of opponents. They have spent 784 hours per player on average each year in our challenge multiplayer chess game tournaments.

So when looking for online multiplayer chess gaming challenge, we are the best. The core ideology behind our online multiplayer chess games was simple, first of all the traditional games are dying and someone has to make a complete social multiplayer gaming experience. Our multiplayer chess game accomplishes that easily.