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Play Chess Rivals game online absolutely for FREE and enjoy our exciting game modes. You can download Chess Rivals absolutely for FREE on any Android or iOS device. From now you can play chess anywhere and at any occasion. Chess Rivals is extremely social game, here you can play chess with your friends from social networks or challenge strangers from all over the world. Our chess play is designed using latest technologies, so you can enjoy the best quality graphics, beautiful design and friendly user experience. Chess Rivals is the game you can say, chess to play. Try it out and play instant chess and have fun, while training your brain. Become part of our engaging community and learn how to play chess!

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Ever wondered how play chess? Though that you will never learn playing chess? With Chess Rivals you can easily learn how to play chess. Our chess play includes comprehensive lessons, exciting tutorials, puzzles and tactics. For the players of all levels, starting from the beginners and up to experienced players; Chess Rivals offers wide range of learning tools and materials, which are presented in the entertaining real-time mode. So you can not only practice your chess skills, but also enjoy chess playing process.

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The best thing about playing chess with Chess Rival chess game is that is very social. In our chess play you can challenge more than 20 million people from all over the world. You can also enjoy playing chess with your friends from social networks. In Chess Rivals we have created exciting game modes you can play any time. Feel like "I want to play chess", simply turn on your mobile device and start playing chess. First learn how to play chess playing versus intelligent computer.

Playing Chess Game Online & Offline

You can do it even in offline mode without internet. Then when you feel more confident play chess with friends of your level in our "1 on 1" game mode. Feel even better playing chess, and then let's go further. With our chess play you can participate in fun tournaments, where you challenge other players and have win big. Playing Chess with Chess Rivals you can choose pace of the game suiting you best. You can have real-time chess game, or to spread it over continuous time period and answer once in few days when you have time.